Residency-Foot and Ankle Surgical Training Vineland

A comprehensive, fully-integrated, three-year Foot and Ankle Surgery Residency Program  located in Vineland, NJ.


  • To provide the highest quality of residency training in foot and ankle surgery
  • Utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to train well-rounded foot and ankle surgery physicians
  • To integrate the profession of foot and ankle surgery within the medical community
  • To advance the level of foot and ankle care in the community
Inspira Health Network’s Foot and Ankle Surgery Residency Program has been developed to provide graduate education and hospital experience for the recently graduated podiatric physician. The foot and ankle surgery residency should be viewed as a highly specialized residency which mirrors systemic disease and pathomechanical problems of the foot and ankle. The resident must be educated in an all-encompassing scope of patient care to fulfill the function of the podiatric surgeon. The program will follow the requirements set forth by the council of podiatric medicine.

The foot and ankle surgery resident is a podiatric physician participating in a general hospital after completing the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. The resident’s exposure during the first year will include orthopedic surgery, emergency medicine, podiatric surgery, pathology, podiatric orthopedics, infectious diseases, wound-care, plastic surgery, medicine, anesthesia, and radiology; the last two years will include advanced foot and ankle surgery, teaching, practice management and research.

The 36-month resident will gain a broad base of knowledge needed by a podiatric physician. The foot and ankle surgery resident will be trained to understand hospital protocol with regards to the admission process, become proficient at analyzing laboratory test and x-ray results, and learn to better evaluate the pre-operative patient.

In addition to core rotations, residents will be trained in office protocol including practice management,
coding/billing, and the medical-legal aspects of practice.

Upon completion of the three-year program, residents will be competent to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients in office, hospital, and surgical settings.

Externships are open to all schools.
  • The extern must provide his own transportation and accommodations
  • Externs are advised to contact the executive assistant of the program regarding their scheduled date of arrival
  • Clinic attire including a laboratory coat is required

Responsibilities include:

  • One weekend on call with a first- or second-year resident
  • Office rotations with physicians in the residency program
  • Assisting and observing foot and ankle surgery

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Contact Information
Angelo Luzzi, DPM
Residency Program Director

Richard Jay, DPM, FACFAS
Associate Program Director
Chief, Foot and Ankle Surgery (Med.ed./Training)

Residency Program DirectorAssociate Program Director

Nancy Perez, Coordinator
Phone: (856) 641-8661
Fax: (856) 575-4944