Acute Care for Elders

What is an ACE Unit?

It is an acute care inpatient unit designed to allow us to care for older adults while focused on improving clinical outcomes paying particular attention to:

  • Medications
  • Safety from falls
  • Skin care
  • Pain control and pain management
  • Promotion of appropriate physical activity
  • Quality of life
What makes an ACE Unit Different?
In addition to patients being attended to by their own physician, in the ACE Unit they will also are cared for by an interdisciplinary geriatric team led by a geriatrician. This highly skilled clinical team is dedicated to improving coordination and continuity of care and promoting regular communication with patients and their families.
Providing a Positive Hospital Experience

We proudly serve the community as a NICHE hospital- Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders.  This NICHE designation reinforces our commitment to geriatric excellence and a vision to provide exemplary care to older patients.

The ACE Unit’s goals are extremely important to each and every patient and caregiver:
  • Help to promote a patient’s return home and deter or avoid nursing home placement.
  • Help patients maintain independence.
  • Help patients eliminate or avoid unnecessary medications.
  • Help patients avoid complications that are common in hospitalized seniors such as falls, pressure ulcers and confusion.
  • What are the admission criteria for the ACE Unit
  • While there are obviously some limitations on bed availability in this special unit – admission is typically based on non-surgical, older patients, generally 70 or above who are admitted via the Emergency Department or directly to the hospital by their physician.
To learn more, contact the ACE Unit at Inspira Medical Center Woodbury 856-845-0100 ext. 2512