Adult Services

Inpatient Programs for Adults
Available in Bridgeton and Woodbury
Inspira’s short-term care facility and voluntary inpatient programs offer complete inpatient evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and around-the-clock nursing care for adults who are in need of a higher level of treatment. Our Bridgeton facility features a newly constructed 33-bed unit designed to promote healing and our Woodbury facility offers 20-beds with custom treatment areas on two floors.

Adult Partial Hospitalization Programs
Available in Bridgeton and Woodbury
Our Adult Partial Hospitalization Programs provide services similar to the intensity and scope of inpatient treatment, but with significantly less disruption to the lives of patients and their families. The programs are designed for people with symptoms that seriously impact their daily functioning, but who are hoping to avoid hospitalization or are in need of a transition from inpatient to outpatient care. Both programs follow an acute short-term model of intensive treatment with multiple sessions to span over a few weeks. Free transportation is available.

Adult Intensive Outpatient Program
Available in Bridgeton
The Adult Intensive Outpatient Program provides intensive, structured, clinical services to individuals experiencing significant emotional distress. The program offers the flexibility for clients to attend specialized day or afternoon group therapy. Typically, individuals attend for three hours per day, two or three times per week. The program’s psychotherapy and psycho-educational groups provide a safe, caring environment in which individuals can address their mental health needs, gain a better understanding of their illness, improve coping skills and draw on
mutual support
Wellness and Recovery Outpatient Program
Available in Woodbury and Bridgeton
Inspira’s Wellness and Recovery Outpatient Program in Woodbury is a dual diagnosis outpatient program which offers complete services to those who struggle with both mental health and substance abuse issues. The program provides traditional outpatient services, which include weekly, hour-long individual, family and group sessions along with psychiatric evaluations and individualized medication management. Outpatient treatment for patients with co-occurring disorders in mental and substance abuse is also available at Inspira’s Behavioral Health and Wellness Center in Bridgeton.