Breast Health

At Inspira, we aim to empower and inform women of all ages about breast health. For new mothers, this includes breastfeeding consultations and support. For all women, this includes services for lumps, cysts or pain women can experience in their breasts.  

Inspira offers a unique nurse navigator program to counsel and support women who have abnormal mammograms, breast changes or lumps, or who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer can benefit from Inspira’s advanced breast cancer services. 

It’s normal for a woman’s breasts to change during her lifetime. They can grow in size, change in texture and may become tender or painful especially with breastfeeding or menopause. If you are worried about changes to the look or feel of your breasts or have found an area that concerns, schedule an appointment with your Inspira doctor. 

Inspira provides personalized care for a wide range of breast health services:

  • 3D mammography
  • Breast infections and inflammations
  • Breast MRI
  • Common benign lumps
  • Digital ultrasounds
  • Free cancer screenings
  • Mastalgia (breast pain)
  • Nipple problems and discharge
  • Specialist consultation

And, because 1 in 6 women will develop invasive breast cancer we offer an advanced breast cancer program:

To schedule an appointment, call 1-800-INSPIRA.

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Why Choose Inspira?

Nationally Recognized for Excellence in Breast Cancer Treatment
Inspira’s Breast Cancer Program includes a nationally accredited Breast Center in the Frank and Edith Scarpa Regional Cancer Pavilion at Inspira Medical Center Vineland. The Center is accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), a program administered by the American College of Surgeons for centers that provide the highest level of quality breast care and undergo a rigorous evaluation process and performance review. 

Advanced Imaging Technology
Early detection saves lives. It’s why we put so much emphasis on having the most innovative breast imaging and screening devices available for our patients. Our local imaging centers provide access to digital and 3D mammograms, non-invasive ultrasound machines and breast MRI, among other technologies. Access to new breast health treatments and clinical trials are available with our providers who are active in teaching and research. 

Multidisciplinary Cancer Team

Inspira offers a multidisciplinary breast cancer team that meets regularly in tumor boards to plan and discuss each patient’s treatment plan and progress. The team includes medical and radiation oncologists, breast surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and specialists in reconstructive plastic surgery along with nurse navigators, social workers, genetic counselors, registered dietitians, physical therapists and behavioral health specialists.

Breast Cancer Nurse Navigators
Through our comprehensive nurse navigator program, we offer each woman the support of a registered nurse who is specially trained to provide breast cancer patients with clinical and non-clinical support. Our navigators connect with women when they have an abnormal mammogram, breast changes or lumps. They continue to work with every woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer to support her physical and emotional needs through cancer treatment and survivorship. Navigators educate patients and their families and help them make treatment decisions, deal with insurance issues, arrange transportation and coordinate services such as fertility preservation or cancer rehabilitation.  Additionally, navigators ensure care coordination and manage relationships with multiple specialists involved in a patient’s care. They are strong advocates who support each patient’s right to ask questions, understand medical reports and know what to expect from treatment. 

Breast Cancer Support Programs
Beyond advanced clinical care Inspira offers women with breast cancer personalized support from a nurse navigator and comprehensive support services. Patients benefit from ongoing distress screening/counseling and a physical rehabilitation program that can begin before treatment to improve outcomes. Inspira’s care continues with programs to support survivors in maintaining and furthering positive outcomes. Support services also include genetic testing and genetic counseling, nutrition counseling with a registered dietician and social workers to help patients navigate non-clinical needs.