MyInspira App

Inspira Health is using today’s technologies to enhance tomorrow’s wellness by putting YOU in control. Your health journey does not begin and end at our door; it’s a lifetime of choices – a journey, your journey. It starts with a single tap.

MyInspira App

Free & Now the only app you need to access Inspira's facilities and services!
  • Find physicians, request appointments, and contact a Healthcare Concierge
  • Start a virtual visit with Inspira eCare: From work, home or on the go, simply answer questions about your condition and receive your online diagnosis and treatment within an hour. Available 24/7
  • Quickly locate the most convenient and appropriate care including Inspira Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Rooms by proximity to your location and estimated wait times
    • Get in line before you arrive using remote check-in at an Urgent Care Center
    • Leverage your phone's native GPS mapping app to navigate directly to the nearest and most convenient facility
  • Securely interact with your Inspira provider and Fitness Connection training 
    • Manage your assigned "Health Actions" to record valuable health information for your provider and trainer to review
    • Connect Inspira Health+ remote monitoring devices
    • Use your Fitness Connection member ID barcode to quickly check-in when you arrive at our facility
  • Access your Inspira Patient Portal
  • Pay a bill
  • Register for classes & events
  • More compelling features coming soon such as Personal Health Risk Assessments!

Start your health journey by downloading the MyInspira App today!



App Support:
Have questions, problems, or comments? Email us at or submit feedback from the Feedback link on the app’s main menu.

Get in Line with the MyInspira App