Herniated Disk Treatments

Your spine is a series of rubbery cushions (disks) and 26 bones (vertebrae) stacked one on top of the other. Sometimes those rubbery cushions can slip out of place, irritating the nerves nearby and causing extreme pain. It’s called a herniated disk, and it’s a common source of low back and neck pain.

The disks in your back shrink with age and become less flexible, which can result in a herniated disk. A single excessive strain or injury from improper lifting or a repetitive strenuous activity is also enough to cause one to fall out of place. 

Treatment for a herniated disk is nonsurgical in most cases and may include a combination of rest, pain medication, massage or physical therapy. If your doctor recommends surgery to repair, remove or replace the disk, there are minimally invasive spine surgery options to achieve better outcomes with a quicker recovery time at Inspira. 

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Why Choose Inspira?

Care Close to Home
There’s no reason to travel outside of South Jersey when skilled neurologists and neurosurgeons are providing the best possible care right in your community. With more than 150 access points, you can have confidence in the robust care offered at Inspira. Our highly specialized physicians are experienced in providing diagnosis and treatment for both common and complex disorders affecting the brain, spinal cord and nervous system. 

Sophisticated Surgical Experiences
The spine houses the body’s most delicate and essential nerves, making minimally invasive surgery performed through a small incision a more suitable choice for herniated disks. We treat a variety of back and neck problems with minimally invasive techniques designed to minimize scarring and speed up recovery time, so you can get back to your daily routine with less pain.