Orthopedic and Spine Services

Many people find it difficult to participate in activities they once enjoyed as a result of pain. Today, Inspira’s orthopedic physicians provide a full range of surgical orthopedic and joint replacement surgeries, and neurosurgeons offer spine procedures. By utilizing minimally invasive techniques performed through small incisions with miniature cameras and microscopes, tiny fiber-optic flashlights and high-definition monitors, surgeons complete procedures with the utmost precision.

These small incisions, which often require only a stitch or two to close, improve healing times for patients and result in higher quality clinical outcomes.

The members of the Inspira Orthopedics and Spine Specialty Group offer free joint pain seminars throughout the Inspira service area. These educational sessions give you the opportunity to learn about the orthopedic and spine services available in your community and meet our experienced physicians face to face. The sessions not only provide a wealth of information directly from our doctors, but also include a question and answer session where you can speak with them personally. To join us for our next Joint Pain Seminar.

Arthroscopy Animation

Has a physician recommended arthroscopy for your knee to help with the pain of your running injury? This simple surgical procedure can reduce pain and disability from a variety of joint conditions.

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