Vascular Screenings

They call it the “Silent Killer.”
But there’s an easy, pain-free way to learn your risk level and start protecting yourself now. Get peace of mind. Only $99. Schedule your vascular screening today. Call (856) 213-6375.

Aneurysm. Peripheral artery disease. Stroke.
Millions of Americans face these serious, and sometimes deadly, health problems every year. And they don’t even know it! Thankfully, there is a simple screening that can detect these invisible problems before they occur.

This inexpensive screening could save your life!
There are no physically recognizable symptoms for an aneurysm, and no warning pain. If the aneurysm ruptures, you only have about a 20 percent chance of survival, so it’s not something you want to “wait and see” about. The tests are painless, affordable and only take about an hour.

RECOMMENDED: The Three-Point Vascular ScreeningThis painless, non-invasive test detects your risk for a number of potentially deadly conditions. We check critical blood vessels in your neck area, your abdomen and your ankles for telltale signs of restriction or weakness. If these problems are detected early, they can be treated before they become life-threatening.

Meet Dr. Kumar and Dr. O’Donnell
South Jersey is fortunate to have two top vascular surgeons providing expert care right here in the community. If you have a disease of the arteries and veins, these doctors are trained to provide the right treatment and care- everything from minimally invasive procedures to complete surgical reconstruction. Both physicians are board-certi? ed and fellowship-trained to provide the highest level of quality care. They have a convenient of? ce in Vineland on Chestnut Avenue, and both are on staff at the Inspira Health Network Regional Medical Center and Inspira Medical Center Elmer. Many procedures can be performed right in the of?ce, including:


So don’t put this off. Call and schedule your vascular screening today. Just call (856) 213-6375.