ER Wait Times

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Inspira offers five emergency room locations and 11 urgent care centers in New Jersey for patients looking for exceptional care close to home. Patients with potentially life-threatening health problems should call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest ER immediately. Urgent care centers are equipped to treat a wide range of minor or non-life-threatening conditions and tend to have shorter wait times and significantly lower treatment costs than an ER.

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How are wait times calculated?

Our Emergency Room wait estimates represent the average time spent in the waiting room. The time calculation begins when a patient checks in and ends when the patient is seen for treatment. Since this is an average, some patients will wait longer while some will wait less. The wait times displayed on this site are refreshed every 15 minutes. 

Many circumstances can affect wait times. Patients are seen in priority order based on the type and severity of their medical complaint. This technology is designed for informational purposes only and displayed time cannot be guaranteed upon arrival.

Patients with medical emergencies, such as heart attack, stroke or traumatic injuries, are always seen immediately.

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