Breast Cancer Bridge Program

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Women facing breast cancer often experience shock, anxiety, and fear. They often feel an immediate need for support, detailed and accurate information, and practical advice. The Breast Cancer Bridge Program at Inspira Health was created to meet those needs in a timely and personal way

This unique program provides personal counseling and support for women who have abnormal
mammograms, breast changes or lumps, or who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing cancer treatment. A registered nurse becomes the patient’s health care advocate and friend—offering consolation, support and practical advice about breast cancer. This free service is a complement to surgical, radiation and medical oncology care and is customized around each woman’s needs and requests.

Ruth Ann Bishop-Sotak, RN, Breast Health Coordinator, Nationally Certified Breast Care Nurse
Inspira Scarpa Regional Cancer Pavilion
Vineland, NJ