Exercise After Bariatric Procedures

Integrating exercise into your daily routine is a key part of achieving your weight loss objectives after bariatric surgery. Everyone’s recovery time is different, and some patients might feel ready to exercise sooner than others, but a good rule of thumb is to start slow to prevent your risk of injury and only once you are cleared by your physician.

The three types of exercise you should focus on are:
  • Cardio – burns calories to give your more energy
  • Strength training – keeps muscles strong and lean
  • Flexibility training – prevents injury and helps reduce post-workout soreness
As part of Inspira’s bariatric surgery program, patients engage in exercise education to help them become physically active after surgery. All patients are offered a complimentary 30-day membership to Inspira Fitness Connection.

In addition, patients are encouraged to sign-up for the Fitness Connection’s PREP (Physician Referred Exercise Program), a 60-day supervised exercise program that incorporates your physician’s recommendations with the help and expertise of a medical exercise specialist.

For more information, visit Inspira Fitness Connection PREP Program, or call (856) 696-3924.

Why Choose Inspira?

Fitness Training Close to Home

Inspira’s Fitness Connection exercise specialists bring years of experience and wellness knowledge to their training approach, ensuring you get the comprehensive fitness counseling you need. With Inspira’s Fitness Connection, you can access exercise equipment and counseling services without traveling far from home.

Education and Support for Better Outcomes

By using a range of educational tools and support systems, Inspira’s fitness experts keeps patients help patients recover after surgery. Undergoing weight loss surgery is only part of the journey, and keeping the pounds off can be difficult if patients don’t understand how to adjust to their new lifestyle. Whether you suffer from a condition such as diabetes or are struggling to find an exercise regimen that works for you, our dedicated team of caregivers is here to guide, support and inform.