Family Medicine Residency Curriculum

Inspira’s family medicine residency curriculum is a constant work in progress. We are continuously reviewing, evaluating and improving our offerings based on residents’ priorities and interests.



3 months of FM Inpatient Medicine Service 1 month of Outpatient Gynecology

1 month of Outpatient Pediatrics 1 month of Emergency Medicine 1 month of Cardiology

1 month of Obstetrics/Gynecology Inpatient 1 month of Surgery

1 month of ICU

1 month of Nights with Internal Medicine 1 month of Ambulatory Clinic



2 months of FM Inpatient Medicine Service 1 month of Outpatient Peds

1 month of Outpatient Gynecology 1 month of Emergency Medicine

1 month of Inpatient Pulmonology

1 month of Outpatient Orthopedic Surgery 1 month of Outpatient Dermatology

1 month of Pediatric Emergency Medicine/Inpatient Pediatrics 1 month of Radiology/Night Float

1 month of ENT/Ophthalmology

1 month of Elective/Night Float with Family Medicine



2 months of FM Inpatient Medicine Service 1 month of Outpatient Gynecology

1 month of Peds ED/Inpt Peds 1 month of Cardiology

1 month of Outpatient Urology

1 month of LIFE/Living Independently for the Elderly (Geriatrics) 1 month of Outpatient Sports Medicine

1 month of Night Float with Family Medicine 1 month of Health System

2 months of Elective


Call schedule

Developing on-call habits is critical to a successful career in medicine. In-house night calls are provided by one senior resident at all times, with the occasional “buddy call” with a first-year resident. The call schedule is evenly divided amongst available residents.


Faculty Education

Our Primary Care faculty members host afternoon lectures every Friday to discuss pertinent family medicine topics. Additionally, during those didactic afternoons, residents will present their own assigned topics and patient cases. Tumor board, Morbidity & Mortality, and Journal Club are also held on a regular basis as a way for our residents to enhance their training and professional development.


Outpatient Clinical Experience

As outpatient services continue to be a growing segment of the healthcare industry, Inspira provides family medicine residents with unmatched opportunity and access to outpatient care training. Residents will partner with Inspira’s attending family medicine physicians by shadowing their practice at community clinics. All offices are located within 15 minutes of Inspira Medical Center Vineland and will provide a variety of experiences based on the resident’s interests and educational requirements.



While research by resident physicians is not mandated by the ACGME, Inspira residents are required to participate in scholarly activities. However, Inspira Health strongly encourages its residents to participate in any academic research opportunities and will provide all necessary resources to those who are interested.


Conferences and Professional Development

All third-year residents attend the ACOFP conference. Additionally, all residents have the opportunity to attend the AAFP conference. 


For more information about Inspira’s Family Medicine Residency Curriculum, contact Migdalia Centeno, at (856) 641-6022.