Foot and Ankle Residency

Inspira’s Foot and Ankle Surgical Residency Program has been developed to provide graduate education and hospital experience for future podiatric physicians. The program is designed for residents to gain highly specialized knowledge in systemic disease and pathomechanical problems of the foot and ankle. Our comprehensive program follows the requirements established by the Council of Podiatric Medicine.


During the first year of our program, residents will gain a deep knowledge of and hands-on experience in topics including orthopedic surgery, emergency medicine, podiatric surgery, pathology, podiatric orthopedics, infectious diseases, wound care, plastic surgery, medicine, anesthesia and radiology. The final two years will include advanced foot and ankle surgery, teaching, practice management and research.


Through Inspira’s partnership with the Rubin Institute and other surgical clinics, podiatric residents benefit from additional training in specialty locations. Residents are trained to understand hospital protocol with regards to the admission process, become proficient at analyzing laboratory test and X-ray results, and learn to better evaluate the pre-operative patient.


Inspira’s Podiatry Residency Program includes a robust curriculum supported by dedicated faculty, as well as a competitive salary and benefits package, access to resident wellness programs and more:

Locations and Contact Information

The Foot and Ankle Residency Program is based at the Inspira Medical Center in Vineland, NJ, where most rotations take place.


If you would like more information about Inspira’s Foot and Ankle Residency Program, contact Dr. Angelo Luzzi, Program Director, at (856) 641-8661.


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        GME Coordinator

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Phone: (856) 641-8661

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Why Choose Inspira

Mentorship from Expert Medical Practitioners

The physicians, surgeons, nurses and multidisciplinary staff Inspira residents work side-by-side with each day are leading experts in their respective fields. With decades of combined experience, our talented clinical staff provides exceptional medical training coupled with insightful guidance on how to thrive as a medical professional. Through clinical training, one-on-one coaching and mentorship, and didactic teaching techniques, our team will prepare you for a future in both private or academic practice, or further training in your desired sub-specialty.

Opportunities to Treat a Diverse Patient Population

Many competing residency programs are restricted to university-based environments. Through several partnerships with area hospitals and universities, Inspira takes both a university- and community-based approach to medical education. Our residents receive exposure to a wide range of medical cases by practicing within our diverse, and often underserved, communities. Our programs are smaller than those offered by large universities and contain fewer residents, which allows clinicians to gain more in-depth, hands-on training in a variety of unique settings.

Access to Resident Wellness and Stress Management Programs

Training to become a healthcare professional takes a great deal of strength, stamina, mental fortitude and most importantly, support. At Inspira, we understand that the rigorous requirements residents must meet can result in stress and fatigue. That’s why we created the Resident Wellness Committee: to foster a compassionate learning environment where total wellness, is a priority. We are advocates for the health and well-being of all residents, and offer access to various support services, including mental health programs and monthly gatherings on preventing burnout and depression.

Convenient Living in South Jersey

Inspira’s medical and community health centers offer residents the best of both worlds: quaint small-town living with easy access to major metropolitan areas and attractions. Our programs are located near Philadelphia and the Jersey shore, with New York and Baltimore less than 100 miles away. The region boasts a variety of different options for outdoor recreation, fine and casual dining, shopping, entertainment and more. Residents often choose to reside in downtown Philly, suburban Collingswood, or any one of the bustling boroughs in between.