Gallstones are one of the most common troubles people have with their gallbladder. Gallstones are tiny hardened deposits of digestive fluid that can be as tiny as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball. They become troublesome when they get lodged in a duct, creating a blockage.  

If your gallstones are causing painful symptoms, your doctor may recommend surgery to have your gallbladder removed entirely, called a cholecystectomy. It sounds extreme, but don’t worry––you can function without it and the Inspira network includes experienced surgeons across South Jersey.. 

The function of your gallbladder is to hold a fluid called bile that is made in the liver. Bile gets released into your small intestine when you eat to give your body a hand in digesting fats and certain vitamins. If you’ve had a cholecystectomy, the bile your liver makes will flow straight into your small intestine. This direct route to your intestine can have a laxative effect. Ask your doctor about post-cholecystectomy changes to your diet to minimize problems.

If you have the following symptoms of a gallbladder attack, make an appointment with an Inspira doctor so they can order an ultrasound exam to diagnose gallstones:
  • Back pain between your shoulder blades 
  • Low-grade fever or chills
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Pain in your right shoulder 
  • Sudden and rapidly intensifying pain in the center of your abdomen, just above your breastbone
  • Sudden and rapidly intensifying pain in the upper right portion of your abdomen
  • Tea-colored urine with light-colored stools
  • Yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes (jaundice)

To schedule an appointment or ask about gallbladder surgery, call 1-800-INSPIRA.

Why Choose Inspira?

Sophisticated Surgical Experiences
Our award-winning and state-of-the-art surgical facilities have received national recognition and are staffed with fellowship-trained surgeons ready to guide you on your road to recovery. Our highly-skilled surgical team has been providing the region with state-of-the-art robotic surgeries since 2010. Minimally invasive robotic surgery for gallbladder removal is designed to minimize scarring and speed up recovery time, so you can get back to your daily routine quicker, and with less pain.

Strength of the Network
There’s no reason to travel outside of South Jersey when skilled surgeons are operating right in your community. With more than 150 access points, you can have confidence in the robust community hospital care offered at Inspira. 

Respected Surgical Leaders 
Inspira’s surgical team has the expertise, experience and credentials to pass on their knowledge to the surgical leaders of tomorrow. The General Surgery Residency Program is a model of excellence for medical education, research and patient care in a community-based atmosphere. Our surgeons, physicians and nurses provide skillful, compassionate care to everyone that comes to our operating rooms.