George's Success Story

“These exercises are really helping my upper body. I can get out of bed easier, especially, when my legs are not working too well. I can give a mean hug now too! I have nothing but great things to say about the program. If anyone has any questions send them to me and I will tell them how great this establishment is. I highly recommend it! It gives me something to do; I look forward to coming here! And the therapy room does a fine job!”- George Hudnall, age 77

Medical Outcomes – From Being in LIFE:

  • Upon enrollment George had a hard time controlling his blood sugars, high blood pressure, and managing his medications and Parkinson’s.
  • Blood sugar – with assistance from dietary with his diet his levels are controlled. He now has a glucometer and has received education on testing his glucose levels at home twice daily. George was delighted to report that his blood sugars have been running in the low 100’s much closer now to normal range.
  • High blood pressure – home care has been instrumental in improving his compliance with his medications, an RN visit is made weekly to fill his medication box, assuring that everything is taken correctly and answer to answer any questions or concerns. His blood pressure is now running 1402/80s.
  • Parkinson’s – George’s Parkinson’s is now more controlled with medication compliance.