Health Information Exchange (HIE)

What is eHealth Connection?
eHealth Connection is the name given to Inspira Health’s Health Information Exchange.  eHealth Connection is a network that links Inspira facilities and its physicians, allowing participating providers the ability to exchange health information about you.

What is a health information exchange?
Health information exchange (HIE) allows the sharing of your health information among participating doctors’ offices, hospitals, labs, radiology centers, and other health care providers through secure, electronic means.  The purpose is to provide participating caregivers the most recent health information available.  This health information may include lab test results, radiology reports, medications, hospitalization summaries, allergies, and other clinical information vital to your care.   Certain demographic information used to identify the individual such as name, date of birth, address, insurance may also be shared.

Who can see my records?
Only authorized health care providers who are treating you and their associated staff who are specifically given rights to the HIE.  The patient – physician relationship is identified during the registration process at any of the Inspira facilities.

How is my health information protected?
Inspira eHealth Connection takes every precaution to keep your records private and secure.  State-of-the-art systems are used to secure records to the greatest degree and prevent access by unauthorized persons.  The Inspira eHealth Connection complies with the security rules of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  HIPAA is the minimum requirement, though NJ state laws and regulations are often more strict.

What does this mean for me?
If you see multiple doctors who participate in the Inspira eHealth Connection, they see a more complete picture of your health and make more informed treatment decisions.  The goal is for you to receive coordinated care more efficiently.  Your health information is available to participating health care providers where and when they need it without delay.

Can I choose not to participate?
Yes “Opting out” of participation in the Inspira eHealth Connection is your choice.  If you do not want your health information to be electronically accessed through the Inspira eHealth Connection, you must submit a completed Inspira eHealth Connection Opt-Out form.   Your health information will only be available to your providers through previously established communication methods, such as fax, mail, or telephone. 

If you change your mind and decide to have your health information available in Inspira eHealth Connection, you must complete, sign and submit a Revocation of Prior Inspira eHealth Connection Opt-Out Form.  Please note that any information during the Opt out period will still not be available in Inspira eHealth Connection.

I have additional questions.  Who do I contact?
If you have additional questions, please contact the Inspira eHealth Connection Customer Support Center at (856)575-4600