Kenneth's Success Story

“I love it! I enjoy it! It’s making me strong and it helps me a lot. The therapy has helped my hands and I don’t have cramps anymore. I want to be able to keep using my hands. I’ve been real good and my legs too, using the “big step” machine. I like to use the arm weights too.”
 – Kenneth Smith, age 59

Medical Outcomes – From Being in LIFE:    
  • Ken joined LIFE in March of 2012, his medical history included COPD, Anxiety, Depression and ulcers on his left ankle. His chronic wounds on his left ankle were caused by an accident many years ago and triggered a gait dysfunction.
  • Ken had two ER visits and two admissions in 2012, four ER visits and one admission in 2010, since joining the LIFE program he has not had any ER visits or admissions.
  • Ken’s COPD has shown improvement with compliance and communication with his caregiver.
  • As the ulcers healed Ken was seen by a podiatrist who recommended a custom molded shoe to improve his gait. PT/OT worked closely with Ken making various adjustments to get the fit just right and to provide guidance in walking and positioning his foot. Ken’s gait is almost 100% without a cane. We have gone from requesting a wheelchair back in April to ambulating without a cane in six weeks with the appropriate custom footwear.
  • Ken’s Anxiety and Depression are being treated by our Psych Nurse Practitioner to give recommendations on dealing with mood changes and agitation which has helped Ken’s overall disposition.