Headache Treatment

Chronic headaches can have a significant impact on your quality of life. They throb. They pulse. They can make the dimmest light feel like the sun, and the smallest of movements seem impossible. A migraine episode can feel isolating, disabling and quickly put a halt to your day. 

The correct diagnosis for your head pain is important to finding an effective treatment plan. At Inspira, that starts with a physical and neurological exam to determine if you’re experiencing migraine, cluster or tension headaches. Our South Jersey neurologists will gather information like when your headaches started, how often they occur, what triggers them and any relevant medical history. 

Ahead of your appointment, it’s helpful to keep notes that track your headaches and any facial pain. Things to document include:

  • How long did the headache last?
  • Is there an aura (changes in vision, blind spots, bright lights) before the headache? 
  • What did you eat or drink before the headache?
  • What does it feel like (sharp, throbbing, pulsing)?
  • What other symptoms or warning signs occur with the headache (nausea, light sensitivity, etc.)?
  • What time of day did the headache occur?
  • Where on your head is the pain located?

To talk to an Inspira neurologist about treatments that can help get those disabling headaches under control and even help prevent additional migraine attacks from happening, call 1-800-INSPIRA.