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Monday, October 20, 2008 - Five Ton Magnet Attracts Attention at SJH Elmer Hospital

 The magnet is the core of the hospital’s new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) unit, which will be available to patients next month.

“MRI is a much-needed service that will support many physicians and departments at the hospital,” said Bickings. “Adding MRI services also provides a great convenience to SJH Elmer Hospital patients, who must currently travel to the SJH Regional Medical Center in Vineland for the study.”

SJH Elmer Hospital’s new MRI unit features a magnet with a larger opening and noise-reducing technology that will make patients more comfortable during the tests. Using powerful magnetic fields and radio frequency pulses, the new 1.5 Tesla MRI unit will generate a detailed view of a wide range of body structures, including soft tissue. It will also include corrective software to produce clearer images of patients who have difficulty keeping still during the procedure.

MRI studies are commonly used in orthopedics to examine joints and soft tissue such as ligaments and muscles that you might not see on an x-ray or a CAT scan. The studies are also very effective for vascular imaging and will further expand the services available to our patients in SJH’s Wound Care Center, located at Elmer Hospital. Wound care patients often require an MRI, which enables physicians to examine lower extremity arteries and check for blood flow.

Recently, SJH Elmer Hospital’s Radiology Department has expanded to include several new services and technologies including digital mammography and a Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) which digitizes images and allows physicians to view them instantly in the hospital or on a computer in their own office.

SJH is dedicated to providing patients throughout the region with convenient access to the highest quality radiology services. To fulfill that mission, the health system has built the largest network of imaging services in the region with locations at the SJH Regional Medical

Center in Vineland, SJH Elmer Hospital, SJH Millville Imaging Center and SJH Bridgeton Health Center. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our toll-free appointment line at (866) SJH-APPT.

SJH is a nonprofit, integrated health care system, providing access to a continuum of health services. SJH provides hospital services, numerous community health clinics, home health services, and specialty services, which serve the medical and health care needs of Southern New Jersey residents.