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Tuesday, July 7, 2009 - SJH Brings First Digital Mammography Services to Hammonton

HAMMONTON, NJ (June 8) – In continuing its mission to provide the most comprehensive high quality imaging services to the community, South Jersey Healthcare has acquired an advanced digital mammography system at SJH Hammonton Imaging. The imaging center located at 8 N. White Horse Pike is the first to offer this state of-the-art technology to the Hammonton community.

Digital mammography offers several advantages for both patients and physicians. It is faster than traditional mammography so patients spend less time in the exam room, less time in uncomfortable positions and they are exposed to less radiation. And because the images are digital, they are immediately available for the doctor’s review to see their quality as they're taken without waiting for film to develop.

SJH uses a Picture Archiving Communications System (PACS) that allows doctors to view digital mammograms taken at SJH Hammonton Imaging immediately in their offices. Patients may also have their mammograms performed at any SJH location, and images can be electronically delivered to their physician’s office without the need to pick up or sign out films.

A digital mammogram can also detect some cancers earlier. The digital images allow doctors to magnify and alter the image after the mammogram is complete, making it easier to see subtle differences between tissues. While the traditional mammogram is the most common method of breast cancer detection, it may not be as effective for women with dense breast tissue, particularly those younger than 50. Dense breast tissue can make mammograms more difficult to read than images of fatty breast tissue. For these women, digital mammography offers another comforting option.

“There is no guaranteed way to prevent breast cancer, and that is why regular mammograms are so important,” said Jacqueline Gomberg, M.D., director of Women’s Imaging at South Jersey Healthcare. “Mammograms are the most effective tool we have for finding abnormalities and an early diagnosis of breast cancer offers the greatest chance of surviving the disease. We are pleased to now offer digital mammography in Hammonton because this technology will allow us to assist even more women in the fight against breast cancer.”

“Ultimately, we are looking to provide early detection to help women beat breast cancer,” said Dr. Gomberg. “This digital technology will help to facilitate that process for many of our patients.”

All women are encouraged to schedule regular mammograms and yearly visits with their physicians. Women over the age of 20 should also perform monthly breast self-exams. While the thought of detecting breast cancer can be frightening, take comfort: The earlier breast cancer is caught, the better chance of defeating it.

With digital mammography available at five SJH locations, patients throughout the region now have convenient access to this state-of-the-art technology. To schedule a mammogram that has been ordered by your health care provider, call the SJH Hammonton Imaging Center at (609) 567-6633.

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