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Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - Lifespine Provides Comprehensive Approach to Lower Spine Management

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October 28, 2002
 The Rehabilitation Department at South Jersey Health System has announced the development of a program designed to treat lower back pain and spinal dysfunction. Bob Capri, MPT, team leader for SJHS Outpatient Physical Therapy Services for SJHS, describes the program as, “unique”.
“With LifeSpine, we use a wide variety of treatment methods to manage lower back problems,” says Capri. “Relying solely on one therapy technique or philosophy may not be effective in every case. In order to determine the right course of treatment for each person, we perform objective tests to assess their ability level.” This program is unique because it stresses a combination of education and patient rehabilitation. The goals of the LifeSpine Program are simple; to prevent, control, or eliminate low back pain; to educate people in safe effective exercises and movements that will protect the lower back and to improve strength, flexibility and endurance.”

Patients in the LifeSpine receive individualized treatment and education for their specific dysfunction, which may include: those with degenerative disc disease, sports or work injuries, trauma, herniated/ruptured discs, osteoarthritis, and strains and sprains.

In the initial evaluation, the therapist takes into account problems with movement, ability to stabilize and protect the spine, overall muscle strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning. Following this analysis, the therapist develops a customized treatment program, which addresses the person’s specific needs.

“The comprehensive evaluation and treatment approach of LifeSpine is based on widely published scientific data on low back pain and effective treatments,” Bob Capri says.

Lower back pain is one of the most prevalent health problems in the U.S. The National Institute of Health estimates that lower back pain is the most frequent cause of activity limitation in people younger than 45. Factors contributing to low back pain include poor body mechanics, strenuous activity, trauma, degeneration, and sedentary lifestyle.

“Often, people with lower back problems have developed movement patterns that aggravate their condition,” Bob Capri says. “Therefore, the emphasis of LifeSpine is on education. We teach people proper body mechanics and how to perform the activities of daily living without re-injury. We also show them how to increase the strength and flexibility of their spine and offer information on lifestyle changes to prevent future problems.”

To gauge the effectiveness of the program, SJHS utilizes standardized outcome tools, which measure functional abilities both at initial evaluation and program completion. This information is shared with all program participants and their physicians.

“Almost everything you do, every way you move, affects your back,” says Bob Capri. “With LifeSpine, we are trying to help people understand the reasons for lower back problems, how to correct them, and how to protect their body’s chief support - their spine.”

For more information on LifeSpine, contact Bob Capri at 856-507-8585.