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Helping Patients Meet Their Wellness and Fitness Goals with Inspira Fitness Connection

Helping Patients Meet Their Wellness and Fitness Goals with Inspira Fitness Connection

May 21, 2021

Helping your patients start or maintain an exercise regimen can be difficult for those feeling overwhelmed by their health or physical limitations or feeling the stress of “gym-timidation.” Inspira Fitness Connection and Inspira’s sports medicine program work to remedy these fears and help patients make lifestyle changes to manage health conditions. 

“After more than a year of quarantining, social distancing, and time away from the gym, we’re helping our patients focus again on their physical health,” said PJ Ragone, director of Sports Medicine at Inspira Health. “For patients with physical limitations, it may be daunting to embark on the physical fitness journey. But with us, they are never alone. We are here to take care of our members when they’re healthy and when they’re not.”

Across Inspira Fitness Connection and Inspira’s sports medicine program, the goal is to help people get comfortable with exercise or play sports—and do so safely.

“In our 90-day Physician Referred Exercise Program (PREP), we offer tracks in lifestyle management, diabetes and pre-diabetes management, heart health, pre and postnatal management, youth, cancer survivorship and arthritis management. Whether a patient tries just one track or a combination of tracks, each plays a role in achieving a higher quality of life,” said Katherine Nelson, a personal training supervisor at Inspira Fitness Connection. “Every member receives concentrated attention to ensure they can use the equipment, are safe engaging in their workouts, feel comfortable and feel supported.”

Inspira Fitness Connection is home to a certified medical fitness facility, indoor and outdoor tracks, weekly group exercise classes, active aging group exercise classes and the performance improvement training (PIT) program—shared with Inspira’s sports medicine. Yet another benefit of the Inspira Fitness Connection experience and sports medicine program is its fully-integrated nutrition counseling program and weight management services.

“We categorize athletes not as competitive sports players, but anyone who consistently maintains an active lifestyle. From baseline concussion screenings to individualized training and physical therapy services, we work in parallel with Inspira Fitness Connection to provide a full continuum of preventive care for South Jersey residents looking to restart or maintain their fitness profile,” said Ragone.

Reclaiming and Monitoring Fitness Goals

At Inspira Fitness Connection, fitness leaders avoid a prescriptive approach to physical wellness and instead, help members understand their limitations and create smart strategies for their workout plans.

With each passing day, we continue to learn about the short- and long-term effects of COVID-19. While we do not yet fully understand what these effects will look like for South Jersey residents down the line, Inspira has a unique opportunity to help patients refocus on their health and fitness goals. 

“Especially in our COVID-19-vulnerable populations, we never want members overextending themselves. Whether someone is just returning to exercising, if they want to tackle any preventive health issues or want to help strengthen their bodies against COVID-19, Inspira Fitness Connection is a good spot to start—no matter what demographic they are in,” said Nelson.

Through PREP, members can track their progress in real time. After receiving a full assessment, members are given workout and exercise recommendations. Participants reassess their progress once at the halfway point and again at the conclusion of the program. 

To refer a patient, or to learn more about Inspira Fitness Connection and Inspira’s sports medicine program, call 1-800-INSPIRA or visit

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