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Inspira Health Welcomes Pulmonologist David Visco, M.D., F.C.C.P., F.P.L.I.

Inspira Health Welcomes Pulmonologist David Visco, M.D., F.C.C.P., F.P.L.I.

Jul 26, 2021
3D Illustration Concept of Human Respiratory System Lungs with Diaphragm Anatomy

For people with respiratory conditions, it can be a scary experience to have trouble breathing—whether it’s because of asthma, sleep apnea or another disorder. Pulmonologists are essential to keeping patients’ lungs healthy and treating those who suffer from respiratory illnesses. 

David Visco, M.D., F.C.C.P., F.P.L.I., is a pulmonologist who recently joined the team at Inspira Medical Group Pulmonary – Vineland. During his residency rotation in an intensive care unit, Dr. Visco was drawn to critical care. “I began to gravitate towards the more complex patients—the ones who need our care the most,” he said. That’s what led him to pulmonology. 

From Sleep Disturbances to COVID-19  

Dr. Visco treats a variety of pulmonary-related conditions, from simple asthma to complex autoimmune disorders. But the patients he sees most often are those with sleep disturbances. About 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders—it’s one of the most common reasons to visit a pulmonologist. 

“In my first week working at Inspira, about half of my patients were visiting to talk about trouble breathing or other disturbances during sleep,” said Dr. Visco. “And the other half came in for symptoms related to COVID-19.” One of the biggest changes Dr. Visco has experienced over the past year is the increase in COVID-19-related pulmonary conditions in patients. 

We’re still continuously learning about COVID-19, even as the number of positive cases has dropped. “The more we learn about the virus, the more complications we discover. It’s a virus that affects every part of your body, and medical professionals are uncovering new short- and long-term side effects as time passes,” said Dr. Visco. 

New Developments in Pulmonary Care

Thankfully, new treatment options for pulmonary care continue to appear, especially for patients with COVID-19. “The more recent antibody therapies used to treat COVID-19 are saving lives,” said Dr. Visco. 

Outside of COVID-19 treatments, there are other developments in pulmonary care that allow for better patient outcomes—including liquid biopsies in the thoracic oncology field and more precise diagnostic technology. “At Inspira, we’re currently investigating a robotic bronchoscopy tool that will allow for more precise and earlier diagnoses for cancer, as well as improved treatment outcomes,” said Dr. Visco. 

A Knack for Critical Care 

Dr. Visco has been a pulmonary sleep specialist since 2008 and has a strong background in oncology. He is board certified in critical care medicine, internal medicine, pulmonary disease and sleep medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine. His breadth of experience has allowed him to take care of patients from all over the world and hold various leadership positions in his field.
“All of my roles in the medical field have helped me not only understand the importance of high standards for patient safety and quality, but also the value of excellent patient and provider experiences,” said Dr. Visco. 

When it comes to his philosophy of care, Dr. Visco wants to treat his patients how he would want himself or a family member to be cared for. “I have high expectations for my own providers, so I strive to give that level of care to my patients,” he said. He also believes no patient or provider concern is too small for a consultation. “It never hurts to get a second opinion, and I’m here to help, whether it’s with something as simple as asthma or as complicated as lingering COVID-19 side effects.”  

To refer patients to Dr. Visco and his team at Inspira Health, call 1-800-INSPIRA

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