OB/GYN Residency Program Curriculum

OB/GYN Residency Program Curriculum

Inspira’s OB/GYN residency curriculum is a constant work in progress as we continue to review, evaluate and improve our offerings based on residents’ priorities and interests.


3 months OB

3 months GYN

1 month Ultrasound

1 month NICU

1 month ICU

1 month General Surgery

1 month Emergency Medicine 1 month Internal Medicine


6 months OB
6 months GYN


3 months OB

2 months GYN

1 month Inspira Health Center Woodbury GYN service

1 month Family Planning (optional) Cherry Hill Women’s Center or GYN 1 month Inspira Gyn/Onc

1 month MFM

1 month Breast Surgery/REI Ultrasound 1 month REI

1 month Cooper Gyn/Onc


3 months OB

2 months GYN

1 month Inspira Health Center Woodbury GYN service 1 month Inspira Gyn/Onc

2 months REI

1 month MFM

1 month FPMRS

1 month Elective

Call Schedule

In-house 24-hour call is provided by two residents—one junior and one senior—at all times. The call schedule is evenly divided amongst available residents.


Our in-house Maternal Fetal Medicine faculty members conduct morning report every weekday, discussing high-risk patient management. Additionally, residents attend three hours of protected time weekly, reserved for education. Tumor board, Morbidity & Mortality, and Journal Club are also held on a regular basis.

Clinic Experience

Residents participate in continuity clinic throughout their residency at Complete Care where they have an opportunity to gain outpatient skills in a one- to- one mentor to resident setting. All offices are in close proximity to Inspira Medical Center Vineland. Additionally, residents are exposed to a private practice clinic with Inspira Medical Group in, Woodbury.


Residents are required to complete research prior to graduation.


All second-year residents attend the ACOOG conference. Additionally, residents attend the Drexel Colposcopy Conference in Philadelphia as well as other available conferences during their residency.


If you’d like more information about Inspira’s OB/GYN Residency Program, contact Dr. Benjamin DiJoseph, Program Director, at (856) 641-8661.