Pat's Success Story

“I have lost over 50 pounds since joining Inspira LIFE. I can walk better and I feel more independent. The program has helped my self esteem.

The program has helped my self esteem. I can get dressed easier, steps are no problem and I get into the kitchen now. I made dinner last night! – Pat Johnson

“Since my mom has been coming to the center she is more motivated and enjoys talking to all of the people there. She isn’t lonely like she used to be at home. She’s now able to take better care of herself at home and she’s taking her medications. I don’t have to worry that she isn’t taking her medications when I’m not around. She gets showers at the center twice a week which helps me a lot because of my work schedule. Everyone at the center has been unbelievably helpful in assisting me to take care of my mom. Before my mom lived alone, she didn’t want to do anything. She just sat in a chair for most of the day, only getting up to use the restroom. She has CHF and her legs would swell so bad that she could hardly walk and getting up and down by herself was extremely difficult. She didn’t want help from anyone despite the fact she could not do things for herself. This really put a strain on family relations. My mom thought her only hope was to go into a nursing home. We didn’t want that for her. The center staff helped convince my mom that being with family and learning to live independently again wasn’t such a bad idea. I know it wasn’t easy for them because my mom had given up on life. But they wouldn’t give up on her. They helped to encourage her to move in with me so I could help the team care for her and so she wouldn’t be alone. They got her the necessary equipment to make life easier. Now my mom’s legs are a normal size. She has dropped 53 pounds. She gets up and down a lot easier. She gets in and out of the shower using a shower chair at home by herself. She does her own laundry at home. She is on a controlled diabetic diet; she takes her medications like she is supposed to. I just want to say on behalf of me and my entire family, thank you for giving our mother back to us!” – Pat’s Daughter