Alone, PET scans and CT scans each have their particular benefits and limitations when it comes to creating digital images. When combined, they can provide more accurate information on cancer detection, staging of cancer, treatment response and tumor recurrence.

A positron emission tomography (PET) scan detects cancer cells by using a radioactive sugar called FDG that is injected into a vein. Cancer cells absorb sugar more quickly than normal cells, so they “light up” on the images created by the PET scanner. A computerized tomography (CT or CAT) scan uses X-rays and a computer to make images of section of your body with greater clarity than conventional X-ray images. 

Together, the PET/CT scan helps patients avoid unnecessary invasive tests by giving your doctor a high-quality image of the location, size and shape of abnormal cancerous growths. It can be used to diagnose and manage your condition with greater accuracy.

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Inspira Imaging Centers make up the largest network of imaging services in the region that offer the latest medical imaging technologies at 10 convenient locations right in your South Jersey neighborhood. The American College of Radiology has accredited our locations in CT, MRI, PET/CT, nuclear medicine, mammography and ultrasound. In addition, the Inspira Medical Center Vineland is a designated Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

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Our courteous staff provides excellent customer service in comforting and convenient surroundings. Our technologists produce high-quality images that provide your physician with vital information to accurately diagnose and treat you. Our radiologists are able to deliver those digital images and reports easily through a speech recognition reporting system.