Addiction Treatment Providers & Resources

With several resources in South Jersey and surrounding areas, you don’t have to battle addiction alone. To speak with a drug and alcohol specialist directly, call the New Jersey Addiction Hotline for assistance. Treatment providers reside in nearly every county in the state, so there is always a helping hand close by when you or a loved one need it most.
New Jersey Addiction Hotline: 1-(844) 276-2777

Recovery Homes/Halfway Houses
In the state of New Jersey, an individual must complete a residential stay successfully before they are able to go to a recovery home or halfway house. Patients should contact each facility directly for details on how to access their services.

Oxford House

Oxford Houses are self-run, self-supported housing for those in recovery from addiction. Tenants pay monthly rent but typically at a very affordable rate. Houses are in communities throughout New Jersey.

Explore All of Your Support Options
The State of New Jersey’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services provides a comprehensive list of treatment providers and resources to help you find support where and when it’s convenient for you. All available providers, resources, sober living and recovery housing options are listed by county—visit their website for further information.  

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