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Health Management

The Inspira Health Management team is available to help our partner physician offices achieve success. Assessments and their resulting plans will ensure the practice maintains its competitive edge. 

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Our Approach to Health Management

This service begins with an assessment tailored to the practice’s specialty. By working together, we can expect to:

  • Maximize all collections through robust processes
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Dramatically increase bottom line revenue
  • Support from expert medical billing staff
  • Support from professional medical coders
  • Financial Counseling for optimal cash flow
  • Reduce your average days in accounts receivable
  • Practice optimization through reporting
  • Personal account manager for administrator
  • Provide direct access to executive team

Contact Us

Inspira Health Management
1120 Delsea Drive North
Glassboro, NJ 08028

Types of Assessments

Our team will review which function could be causing the loss of revenue in your practice. Common issues include: 

  • Billing Assessment – Are you getting the maximum payment from the insurance companies? Are you billing for everything that you could be billing for?
  • Cost Analysis – How can we best reduce your operating costs?
  • Optimization – We will optimize your cash flow through reports & financial counseling.
  • Best Practices – We will help your business mature as improvements are made.
  • Credentialing – Are all of your credentialing needs kept up to date?
  • Workflows – Is your office staff working efficiently?
  • Management Options – We will provide a personal account manager in our office as well as an office manager if needed & other staffing options.

Lost Revenue Review

Our team will review which function could be causing the loss of revenue in your practice. Common issues include:

  • Staffing requirements
  • Appeals process
  • Electronic editing systems
  • Insurance verification
  • Co-pay collection training
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Front desk errors & productivity
  • Scheduling templates
  • Patient access
  • Reimbursement verification to actual contracts
  • Accounts receivable issues
  • Denial management
  • Self-pay collections

Preparing for your Consultation

To help you prepare for your FREE consultation we need to know:

  • Monthly financial summary report – Are you getting the most return for your investment?
  • Accounts Receivable – Are you receiving 90% of what is due to you in a timely manner?
  • Procedure & Diagnosis Ranking – What codes are you billing & are they maximized to the full potential?
  • Payor Mix – Who are the insurance companies that you participate with?
  • Payor Contracts – Do you have contracts with the insurance companies?
  • Staffing Roles – Who is in your office & what do they do to make a positive impact on your practice?
  • Policies & Procedures – Please share with us your  guidelines for your staff.
  • Any other reports that you may see as helpful

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