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Kyphoplasty is a type of spinal surgery performed to relieve pain caused by a compression fracture.

Our Approach to Kyphoplasty

This minimally invasive procedure involves injecting a cement-like mixture into the spine to reestablish space within the vertebrae that was lost due to a fracture that caused the bone to collapse.

Kyphoplasty is often the result of a compression fracture. Your surgeon will inflate a balloon-like device to create the necessary space, then inject a cement mixture into the bone to strengthen it. The balloon is then removed after the cement is in place.

Kyphoplasty can be especially beneficial in cases where osteoporosis or cancer have caused a decrease in bone density. Your doctor may recommend taking certain medications or supplements after the procedure to rebuild bone density and strengthen your spine to reduce the risk of future spinal fractures

Kyphoplasty is often performed on an outpatient basis and any soreness or pain tends to clear up within 48 hours.

Am I a Candidate for Kyphoplasty?

Because the long-term effects of bone cement have not been studied in younger people, this surgery is typically reserved for older patients.

Why Choose Inspira for Kyphoplasty Treatment

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