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The goal of spinal fusion surgery is to permanently bond two or more vertebrae together to reduce painful friction between the bones, correct malalignment or abnormal spinal curves, and/or stabilize traumatic injuries.

Our Approach to Spinal Fusion  

During spinal fusion, a surgeon makes an incision based on where the affected vertebrae are located, usually via your neck or back. In some cases, your surgeon will go in through the front of your neck or abdomen. Your neurosurgeon will insert a bone graft between the vertebrae to complete the fusion process, often using rods, screws or metal plates to keep the bones in place while the graft heals. It can take several months for the bone graft to heal entirely, though pain will fade within a few days after surgery.

In recent years, with the development of new technologies, spinal fusions are also performed to decompress nerves.

Am I a Candidate for Spinal Fusion? 

Spinal fusion may work to improve spinal stability if you have experienced:  

Spinal fusion should only be considered if other treatment methods such as medication, spinal injections or physical therapy have failed to produce lasting results.

Why Choose Inspira for Spinal Fusion Treatment

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