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Through a new partnership with Philips Healthcare, Inspira Imaging Centers has created an innovative and inspiring experience for our MRI patients. The Ambient MRI Experience is designed to transform the patient’s environment while enhancing the patient experience during the exam. By using dynamic lighting, theme selected wall projection, and sound, we can help the patient relax during the imaging process, distracting them from what is often the most stressful part of the exam.

What does Ambient Experience look like?

Inspira's Ambient Experience integrates room design, dynamic lighting, projection, and sound elements. Patients have the choice of several different visual themes - each individually tailored for specific preference and age groups, from children as young as 6 through adulthood. By way of a touch screen, patients can design their own medical room environment.

Why is the MRI environment important?

Until now, many diagnostic image scanning environments have not been welcoming or comfortable for patients. The correct environments can help empower, distract, calm, or relax patients while supporting every individual’s needs. In some cases, the Ambient MRI Experience may be able to help imaging centers reduce the number of rescans as patients are more likely to hold still in the relaxed and soothing atmosphere.

How does Ambient Experience affect the quality of the scan?

The elements of the Ambient MRI Experience room design are separate from the actual scanning equipment, so Inspira's state-of-the-art scanning technology is not impacted in any way. The environment can, however, help the people who use the scanning equipment to be more relaxed and productive and make the experience more enjoyable for patients and family members. Additionally, the relaxed nature this experience creates can translate into more accurate images due to less patient motion. Meaning - more patients will receive the best image on their first scan rather than having to be re-imaged. The Ambient Experience allows for a more efficient MRI experience and the convenience you deserve.

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