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Most hernias are not life-threatening, and some may be small enough where your doctor may recommend watchful waiting, but enlarged or painful hernias usually require surgery to prevent more serious complications.

If You Have A Hernia

A hernia happens when part of your internal organ or tissues bulge out through a weak area of muscle. They’re common and affect men, women and children. Most are in the abdomen, but they can also form around the belly button, through a scar or through a small opening in the diaphragm.

Signs that you might have a hernia include:

  • A bulge/swelling beneath the skin in the groin or the abdomen. It may be tender, and it may disappear when you lie down
  • Burning or aching at the bulge
  • Pain or discomfort, especially when bending, coughing or lifting
  • Pain or discomfort when using the bathroom
  • Weakness, pressure or a dragging sensation

Hernia Treatment at Inspira

The goal of the hernia surgery will be to repair the opening in the muscle wall.

At Inspira, our surgeons are trained in minimally-invasive laparoscopic and robotic procedures for hernia treatment designed to cause less discomfort and scarring after surgery. Your doctor will be able to determine if this surgical method is best for your hernia care.

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