Sports Medicine

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Getting sidelined due to an injury can derail your entire athletic agenda. Whether you suffer from a traumatic injury, stress fracture or sprain, Inspira’s dedicated sports medicine specialists will help you get back on your feet, and back in the game. Our sports medicine clinicians are focused on treating athletes competing at all levels, whether it’s in your local triathalon or your high school’s state championship football game.

We provide personalized care for a wide range of common sports injuries, including: 

At Inspira, we do more than treat sports injuries—we help you prevent them. Through various partnerships and coaching programs, we offer everything from injury prevention education to strength and conditioning training, including: 

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Why Choose Inspira?

Advanced Treatment for Athletes of All Skill Levels 

Athletes come in all shapes, sizes, ages and skill levels, and at Inspira, we’re committed to providing personalized care based on your specific athletic goals. Our team of trained clinical professionals, including a sports orthopedic specialist, certified athletic trainer, physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach, work collaboratively to engineer a treatment plan that works for you—wherever you are in your journey to athletic excellence.

Comprehensive Sports Medicine Services

Inspira’s sports medicine program focuses on maximizing the athletic performance of both professional and amateur athletes, as well as the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.

Screening Services for Injury Prevention

Screenings can help reduce your risk of injury before the big race, upcoming season or whatever athletic event you’re training for. Inspira’s sports medicine clinicians know exactly how to keep you safe from injury with functional movement screenings and baseline concussion testing. These practices go a long way in preventing injuries, allowing you to perform your best for years to come.

Skilled Orthopedic Expertise

Our award-winning and state-of-the-art surgical facilities across South Jersey have received national recognition for orthopedic care and are staffed with fellowship-trained surgeons to guide you on your road to recovery.