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  • Nurses of Inspira Health are no exception.

    What is Nursing Quality?
    “Nursing quality is a culture, it is outcomes-focused patient centered care that begins with our first patient encounter and continues with every interaction throughout the course of their hospitalization or treatment. Inspira Health nurses utilize the latest evidence based best practices in the care they deliver at the bedside and maintain a constant focus on patient safety and the patient experience. Nursing Quality means our entire team is committed to ensuring you receive the best care possible each time and every time.”  -- Sami Abate, MSHS, RN, CCRN (Manager, Nursing Quality/Magnet Program Manager) 

    Innovations in Nursing Quality
    Among the latest Evidence Based Best Practices In Use at Inspira Health are:

    • Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest:  Inspira Health follows the American Heart Association’s Guidelines for cooling victims of cardiac arrest for twenty-four hours after the event in an effort to preserve vital neurologic function and speed recovery.
    • NICHE (Nurses Improving the Care of Health System Elders) Rounds:  Patient Centered, Interdisciplinary Rounds focused on identifying and eliminating the unique risks that hospitalized elderly patients face.
    • Computerized Medication Administration and Clinical Documentation:  The use of a fully integrated electronic health record system ensures patient safety through bar-coded medication administration and promotes seamless patient care through a comprehensive medical record available to all the necessary providers involved in each patients care.
    • The COACH (Collaborating Options Across the Healthcare Continuum):  Inspira Health Nurse Coaches begin the discharge process on admission by working closely with medically fragile patients and their families.  Nurse Coaches provide in-home medication reconciliation after discharge and assist in making arrangements for follow-up care. 
     “Nurses play a vital role in health care that goes beyond being at the bedside.  Today’s nurses are important resources for quality and safety solutions.” – Sharon Grusemeyer, BSN, RN, CPHQ (Director, Performance Improvement)

    Growing in Her Profession
    Roseanne M. DeFrancisco, M.S.N., R.N., Inspira Medical Center - Elmer, incorporates  her vast nursing experience as a direct care nurse, a nursing educator and a nursing leader into her Clinical Outcomes Manager  on a daily basis.  “My role encompasses clinical practice and outcomes, nursing education, collaboration with interdisciplinary teams, consultation and research. The clinical outcomes manager role is focused on ensuring clinical excellence in all aspects of patient care. Our goal is to impact care at the bedside"

    Patient Safety. Clinical Excellence. WOW Experience.