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    Translating Nursing Research Into Better Patient Outcomes
    What is Nursing Research today becomes evidence based practice tomorrow….

    The nurses of Inspira Health utilize the Iowa Model for Evidence Based Practice to guide their clinical inquires.  Often, when a clinical question arises the answer can be found within evidence published in peer-reviewed nursing journals.  When no clear answer can be found, nurses are encouraged to consider developing and conducting a nursing research study.  “Nursing Research is a critical component of improving patient care. Direct care nurses work every day at patient’s bedsides, they are acutely aware of changes in practice and opportunities for improvement. Nursing Research solidifies the nurses’ role as an active partner in moving healthcare forward by expanding the existing body of nursing knowledge” – Janet Davies, RN, MSN, CCNS, APN-C (Vice President of Patient Care Services, Inspira Medical Center Elmer & Administrative Liaison, Nursing Research Council).

    At Inspira Health, research is not something confined to the classroom setting… it is an integral component of nursing practice at each Inspira Health’s Medical Centers.  In fact, six of Inspira Health Network’s most recent Nursing Research Studies are being led by direct care staff nurses.  Inspira Nursing Leaders offer their own professional research experience to mentor staff nurses through the Nursing Research Council and through Research Office Hours which allow for one on one mentoring to novice researchers.  The Inspira Research Council is pleased to have worked with numerous other disciplines including medical residents and pharmacists with their own research undertakings as well.

    Making a Difference
    Making a Difference
    Inspira Nurses’ Research findings have been recognized locally and nationally for the impact they have on patient care.
    David Moore, R.N., M.S.N., administrative director of Mental Health Services at Inspira Health conducted a research study which resulted in the development of the Moore Psychiatric Code Analysis Tool which assist behavioral health providers in identifying risk factors associated with the need for restraint utilization.  His work has been recognized by the New Jersey Codey Cup for Behavioral Health Improvement and Betty Neuman herself!  Other nursing research studies have been presented in forums such as The American Association of Critical Care Nurses’ National Teaching Institute (where our Canine Assisted Ambulation won the Nursing Research Poster Prize), The national NICHE Conference and the American

    Academy of Medical Surgical Nursing’s Annual Conference.Academy of Medical Surgical Nursing’s Annual Conference.

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