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  • “From the moment I entered this place it was like I already knew everyone. The staff is so friendly and they take care of everything for me.” – Dottie Mellor, age 90

    Medical Outcomes – From Being in LIFE:

    • Dottie joined the LIFE in August of 2012. Dottie is an original “Rosie the Riveter” she worked on repairing airplanes during the WWII. Before entering into the program Dottie was isolated and spent a great deal of time sitting at home watching TV. “I was becoming a couch potato” says Dottie. Prior to starting the LIFE program Dottie was having trouble walking and getting around with knee problems that plagued her daily. Dottie frequently fell at home. She was told she may have to start using a wheelchair to get around. After just a short time working with the Therapy Department at Inspira LIFE, she was able gain the strength and endurance she needed to not only avoid a wheelchair but to greatly alleviate her chronic knee pain. Dottie’s posture has improved immensely; she now rides the therapy bike, does her
      weight training while on the exercise ball (at 90 years old!) and works out a good hour or more when she’s at the center.
    • Today Dottie reports she is stronger, happier and healthier because of the LIFE Program. “I recommend this program to all of my friends, I love it here!”