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  • “Not only did they give me my life back, they’ve given me reasons to live!”
     – Henry Glauert, age 63

    Medical Outcomes – From Being in LIFE:    
    • Henry joined LIFE in April of 2012, he was having trouble caring for himself and managing his diabetes and cardiac problems. Since joining the LIFE Program, Henry suffered a fall at home from a low heart rate. He attributes his ability to get up off the floor and call for help to his physical therapy regime and the strength and balance he has developed. “I call it pain and torture but it saved my life!”
    • Henry also has regained his independence - because of the assistance he received at LIFE, he was able to get his own apartment and be safe to live alone. Henry has lost weight and is eating right. His diabetes is stable and well controlled now, and most importantly, his overall attitude has improved – he is positive and outgoing. Henry has a new lease on LIFE!