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February CEO Message

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We’ve already done so much in 2020 to help our network continue to grow. Inspira Health is in the midst of a pivotal moment in our organization’s history. Together, we have made meaningful contributions to South Jersey, from opening a brand new heart and lung clinic to making innovative technology available at multiple care centers. None of what we have accomplished thus far could have been done without you, your support and your feedback, which have helped us elevate the patient experience. And I am not the only one noticing. Year-over-year, Inspira Health and its employees continue to receive national, regional and industry-specific honors. But the real winners are the people of South Jersey who have benefitted from the dedication and passion of our staff and leadership. It is a testament to fulfilling Inspira’s mission of providing high-quality health services that improve the lives of all served, and I could not be more proud. Thank you for your continued commitment to keep the health of our patients and their families at the forefront of all that we do. For without you, none of what we have built—and the reputation we have established—would have been possible. But this is just the start of the important momentum and great work we aim to deliver at Inspira Health this year. Stay tuned for more…