ER Wait Times

Wait times are currently unavailable due to an upgrade to our system. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Inspira Medical Center Vineland 1505 West Sherman - Vineland, NJ
Inspira Medical Center Woodbury 509 N Broad Street - Woodbury, NJ
Inspira Medical Center Elmer 501 West Front Street - Elmer, NJ
Inspira Health Center Bridgeton 333 Irving Avenue - Bridgeton, NJ

How are Emergency Room wait times calculated?

Our Emergency Room wait times represent an average door-to-bed wait time. Door-to-bed wait time is the average time a patient waits to be escorted to a bed from the time they arrive in the ER.  Therefore, some patients will wait longer while some will wait less. The wait times displayed on this site are refreshed every 5 minutes. Many circumstances can affect wait times – for example, patients arriving by ambulance or with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Patients are seen in priority order based on the type and severity of their medical complaint. These times are provided for informational purposes only and cannot be guaranteed upon arrival.

This technology is designed for patients with relatively minor medical conditions. Patients with potentially life-threatening health problems should call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest ER. Patients with medical emergencies, such as heart attack, stroke or traumatic injuries, are always seen immediately.

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