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Cutting-edge new smart-room technology at Inspira Health will boost efficiency and enhance the patient experience

Inspira Health has always been focused on the implementation of cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes, and never has this been more evident than through the upcoming introduction of Inspira’s new “smart room” technology, a real-time information and communication system that will usher in a new day in efficient and patient-centric care at the leading health care network.

 “The new system we’re rolling out utilizes technology to make us smarter and more aware of what’s going on in each patient room in order to better address and enhance the patient experience,” said Tom Pacek, Chief Information Officer at Inspira, a system comprised of three hospitals and more than 150 access points throughout southern New Jersey. While the installation of such technology — driven by integrations between the technologies and patients’ medical records — isn’t necessarily new to the health care industry, “it’s brand new for us,” he said, “and we’re proud to be one of the ‘smartest’ health systems in the region based on all of the high-tech components we’ll be launching by early next year.”

Slated to be introduced at Inspira Medical Center Mullica Hill, a new 210-bed, state-of-the-art facility opening in November, and then extended to other Inspira locations throughout 2020, new smart room capabilities will include the following:

  • Interactive TV — In addition to being Netflix-accessible, new smart-equipped televisions in patient rooms will share real-time details on the patient’s care team throughout the patient’s stay and will also allow patients to send messages to housekeeping, facilities and other members of their care team to create a more responsive and home-like experience. “Hospitals can be intimidating places, so we want to make it as comfortable as possible for patients and their families,” said Dave Johnson, Inspira’s vice president of Innovation. “This intelligent, two-way electronic system will replace static and inefficient white board technology and give patients and their families more control over their care and environment.”
  • Digital Displays — “Digital displays outside of each patient room will share real-time information on both the patient and the activity going on inside the room, such as a private consultation between the patient and a doctor, which will alert visitors, housekeeping staff and others of ‘do not disturb’ or other circumstances,” Pacek said.
  • Patient and Asset Tracking — Driven by a single system, Inspira’s new smart technology will improve patient flow by identifying patient status and facilitating patient movement through the hospital. “In addition, through tags attached to medical devices, Inspira will be better able to track the whereabouts of medical equipment to both enhance efficiency for medical staff and speed up the care delivery process for patients,” Pacek said.
  • Vital Sign Integration — According to Johnson, all equipment that measures patient vital signs will ultimately be integrated into Inspira’s centralized smart system so that nurses no longer have to record this information manually.

“Overall, we’re excited for patients to experience our highly professional, high-tech and innovative new level of operations,” said Johnson of Inspira’s new smart capabilities, which are all being piloted and tested at the health network’s Innovation Center in Mullica Hill. “Through our new smart room technology, we’ll be able to automate processes, speed up care and ultimately enhance patient safety and deliver a higher-quality patient experience than ever before.”

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— Susan Bloom