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Our Investment, Your Health

The heart is at the center of everything we do. It’s the muscle that keeps our bodies going. And yet, one in every four deaths in the United States is caused by heart disease.

All Heart: The Campaign for Inspira Health

All Heart is a network-wide effort to elevate and expand Inspira Health’s cardiology services and provide a high-quality patient experience to all South Jersey residents. With your philanthropic support, we will increase accessibility to proactive and life-saving cardiac care for your families, friends, neighbors and patients of all ages.

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Benefit to the Community

Each year, about 600,000 people in the United States undergo a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), a procedure that opens blocked coronary arteries and restores blood flow to the heart without open-heart surgery. A PCI can be performed in an emergency, but also in an elective setting, as a preventive procedure in the case that your cardiologist suspects you have heart disease.

Early in 2021, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill enabling the Department of Health to license community hospitals to provide full-service PCIs. This long-awaited legislation has opened the door for Inspira Health to make elective PCIs available to many who previously did not have access to this vital service in their own community.


DSC01268 All Heart

Now, Inspira has the opportunity to elevate its existing cardiac expertise and infrastructure to provide additional cardiac treatments for greater patient outcomes.

With a strong foundation for cardiac care across facilities, the team at Inspira is positioned for success in expanding its services for the community with the addition of new technology, procedures and team members.


Naming Opportunities

We are honored to offer leadership gift opportunities to support the All Heart campaign, while leaving a legacy of your family name or honoring a loved one, friend, colleague, or organization. Contact the Foundation team to learn more.



Cardiac Partners Logo

Inspira Health joined forces with Cooper University Health Care to create Cardiac Partners at Cooper and Inspira to provide patients access to the largest and most sophisticated cardiac program in South Jersey. Cardiac Partners combines Inspira and Cooper resources, giving patients access to state-of-the-art treatment, techniques and renowned cardiologists to deliver high-quality care.

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Amy Mansue
As a High Reliability Organization committed to providing a safe and compassionate experience and improving the health and well-being of our community, it is time for our next courageous step forward. I hope you’ll join us in supporting this vitally important and urgent initiative on behalf of all those who call our region home.
Amy Mansue President & CEO, Inspira Health
Kaulback, Kurt MEDRES All Heart
For years, our community has confided in our team to provide them with high-quality care close to home. While our expert cardiac team has already been performing emergency PCIs over the years, we’re thrilled to now be able to expand our services with elective PCIs.
Kurt W. Kaulback, M.D. Clinical Director, Inspira Health Cardiovascular Services
Zinn, Andrew MD Cardiologist All Heart
Elective PCIs can lessen symptoms, improve quality of life and reduce mortality rates. Everyone seeking these critical procedures should have every opportunity to access them with the greatest convenience possible.
Andrew P. Zinn, M.D. Medical Director, Inspira Health Cardiac Catheterization Lab and Clinical Director, Elective PCI
Giri, Kartik All Heart
This moment is a major milestone for health care in the South Jersey community. The potential impact of being able to perform elective PCIs in our region is immeasurable.
Kartik S. Giri, M.D., FACC Inspira Health Interventional Cardiologist

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