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Can your holiday season be enjoyable – and safe? Yes!

Can your holiday season be enjoyable – and safe? Yes!

Protecting our loved ones is a priority this holiday season, and that includes making informed decisions about family and social gatherings. With COVID-19 activity rising across New Jersey, there are several things to consider to assess the risk and decide whether a more distant or virtual gathering is the best and safest approach.

If your answers to these questions raise concerns about the ability to keep your friends and family safe, consider other ways to celebrate the holidays this year.


Create a Holiday Bubble


A “bubble” during COVID-19 is a group of people who commit to safety practices that protect against the spread of the virus, and agree to interact only with bubble members who follow the same precautions. Creating your bubble requires preparation and commitment, that — if followed with discipline — could create a way to gather over the holidays with greater peace of mind.

  • Identify the members of your bubble and make sure everyone is committed to following the safety precautions, including limiting exposure to anyone beyond the bubble.
  • Two weeks prior to your gathering, begin your self-quarantine. Avoid exposure to anyone who’s not part of your bubble.
  • Get a COVID test, and continue to self-quarantine.
  • Even with a negative test result, continue to monitor for COVID symptoms. If you become sick, see a health care provider and get tested.
  • Anyone with a positive COVID-19 test or signs of illness should bow out of the holiday bubble.
  • Agree on the location and the ground rules for your holiday gathering, including face masking and social distancing. Consider who will cook, or whether attendees will bring their own separate food.
  • Drive to your gathering if possible, and follow strict precautions if you must stop at a rest area or service station.
  • At the holidays, continue to use common sense precautions with members of your bubble and respect the rules for your safe social gathering.


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