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Please reference these Frequently Asked Questions if you've experienced an issue using Inspira's COVID-19 vaccine online scheduling tool. 

What browser is best supported?   
Chrome and Microsoft Edge work best to book your appointment. 

Can I schedule using my IOS or Android device?
Yes.  However, the system works better using desktop when scheduling multiple appointments.  

What do I do if I did not receive a confirmation screen when completing my appointment registration?
If you did not receive a confirmation screen when making your appointment, please check the email account that you listed on the registration.  

I signed up for text messages but did not receive upon completing my registration.
Text messages go out 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

I am trying to schedule an appointment for someone else and it is defaulting in the previous registration information.  
If scheduling an appointment for someone else, you must log off by selecting your name at the top right and select LOG OUT.  

If I still have questions or issues with my registration, what should I do? 
Due to the volume of questions, we recommend that you attempt to register from a different device.  

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