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6 Ways To Keep Your Family Active This Fall

6 Ways To Keep Your Family Active This Fall

Sep 22, 2022

With the leaves changing and the temperatures dropping, it’s the perfect time to get out of the house and do something active. Here are some ideas to keep your family moving and feeling healthy this fall. 

Happy family of three taking selfie near their camping spot

1. Plan a fall camping trip
Camping is the perfect way to spend time with your family and stay active. From setting up a tent and gathering firewood to going for a walk, you can’t help but engage in physical activity and get your heart rate up. 

Happy Hispanic family with two children walking in a forest

2. Go for a hike 
Hiking can improve your heart health, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, while also increasing strength and improving stability and balance. There are plenty of hiking trails in South Jersey where the entire family can enjoy the fall foliage while engaging in cardiovascular activity. 

Two young girls walking through a corn maze with Dad.

3. Visit a corn maze 
Corn mazes are a great way to get a few miles of walking or running in with your family. Set aside a few hours to explore the maze and find your way out. Chasing your kids in and out of the maze will get your feet moving, making it a fun way to exercise together. 

4. Rake the leaves 
Turn a big chore into a fun activity for the whole family. In addition to the physical benefits, your children will love spending time outdoors running around and jumping into piles of leaves.  

A grandfather and his grandchildren choosing pumpkins

5. Go pumpkin and apple picking 
South Jersey is known for its pumpkin patches and apple picking farms, which offer great activities to get your family moving this fall. Whether you’re lifting heavy pumpkins, carrying bags of picked apples or running around the orchard with your kids, the whole family is sure to get some exercise. 

6. Walk or bike around the neighborhood 
Enjoy regular walks or bike rides around your neighborhood. Start a new routine with your family to get out of the house after dinner a few nights a week to appreciate the autumn weather and festive decorations on your block.

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