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Advanced, Seamless Cardiac Care, Close to Home

Advanced, Seamless Cardiac Care, Close to Home

May 14, 2021

For people in South Jersey living with heart disease or who are at risk for it, Inspira Health offers a safe, high-quality and comprehensive program of preventive, chronic and acute cardiac care. Through their partnership with Cooper University Health Care, Cardiac Partners® at Cooper and Inspira delivers advanced cardiac services to patients throughout the region. The partnership represents the largest cardiac program in the South Jersey region.

Kurt W. Kaulback, M.D., FACC, is an interventional cardiologist at Cardiac Partners and Cardiovascular Service Line Clinical Director for Inspira Health. 

“We provide Inspira-based patients with care along the entire continuum in the fight against heart disease,” said Kaulback. “Our program gives our patients access to high-quality cardiology care and cardiac surgery services for virtually any condition – and establishes a seamless transition between Inspira and Cooper Health, when required. You’ll never be just a patient to us. Once you’re our patient, we know you and your specific situation and needs. We’ll do all we can to get you back home and on with your life as quickly and safely as possible.”

Kaulback said that, as with many health issues, prevention, early detection of disease and good doctor-patient communication are key. He urged residents to never ignore warning signs that might be more subtle than actual chest pain. Pressure or new shortness of breath, even if it’s only from time to time, can be indicators of a heart condition. Regular checkups are key so that so-called “silent killers” such as high blood pressure (hypertension) can be caught and treated before they become a more serious problem. This routine monitoring can be especially critical if you have diabetes, are carrying more weight than is ideal or have a family history of heart disease of any kind.

To aid in that early detection, patients seen by physicians at Inspira have access to the most modern, sensitive and accurate testing tools available. Tests like calcium scoring, which uses low levels of radiation to help doctors detect calcium build-up in arteries, and coronary CT angiography which allows specially trained physicians to see coronary arteries to detect any blockages. Both of these tests are noninvasive, requiring no incisions and minimizing the risk of complications. 

Monitoring Heart Health, Everywhere

More and more, Cardiac Partners makes use of at-home technology, and smart devices, such as smartphones, wi-fi enabled weight scales and pulse oximeters, to help patients monitor and share their health data with providers on a regular basis. Cardiac Partners is also participating in telemedicine visits, when appropriate, to keep patients safe and let providers offer advice to patients - in their own home - after taking a thorough and detailed history of how the patient is feeling. 

Patients who need more advanced treatment, whether medical or surgical, can take advantage of all the resources of Cardiac Partners, through the Inspira and Cooper University Health Care systems, at medical offices and facilities throughout the region. The integration between Inspira and its partners makes sure that patients receive a combination of advanced medical technology and compassionate care from providers who live and work right here in our area. 

“From the time you are first seen, through treatment, recovery, follow-up and any long-term therapies that may be required, we’ve got you,” said Kaulback. “Communicate with and trust your primary care provider or specialist. And know that when you come to Inspira and Cardiac Partners, the recommendations we make and the care we offer are based on the latest research and medical evidence and delivered by medical doctors, surgeons and an entire team of cardiac care providers trained at some of the most advanced institutions around the world.” 

For more information about cardiac care with Cardiac Partners, speak with your primary care physician or call 833-SJ HEART

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