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Community Virtual Town Hall: COVID Vaccinations - Part 2

Community Virtual Town Hall: COVID Vaccinations - Part 2

Feb 19, 2021

As part of Inspira’s commitment to the community, another Virtual Town Hall was hosted to provide updates and answer questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. Our providers discussed a wide range of topics including:

  • Updates on the newest vaccines to hit the market
  • Are the vaccines effective on COVID variants?
  • Where to find a listing of vaccine clinics



Q&A Session

1. When will I get the vaccine and what website can I use to register? I’ve already registered with the state.

There are multiple options available including retail pharmacies, however all of these depend on the availability of the vaccine. The single best source to locate a vaccination site is NJ website In addition to that, when Inspira has availability to provide additional vaccine appointments, we will post on Understanding the challenges the nation is experiencing with supply and demand, we recommend obtaining the vaccine wherever you can. 

2. Does Inspira have any vaccine available at this time?

As of today, (February 18, 2021), we do not currently have any first dose vaccines and we're actually waiting for second dose vaccines due to weather delays across the country. Note: Vaccine availability is constantly changing. Visit for vaccine availability and information.

3. Is Inspira rescheduling the appointments that had to be cancelled yet?

An important clarification: There were some appointments that were scheduled via the state website for second doses that somehow showed up on our website as first doses. For those individuals, you must go back to the mega site where you received your first dose to schedule your second dose. No one can give a second dose who hasn't given the first dose. 

For the individuals that scheduled directly with Inspira and were postponed, we are in the process of working our way through vaccinating all those people. We've gotten through almost three quarters of them, and we have about 3,000 people left. Of course, this is contingent upon us getting more vaccine, so we will continue to work through that list and make sure that we get you scheduled.

4. In your opinion, which COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer makes a better product?

They are all good. There is not one vaccine that is better than the other. In the world of vaccines anything that has an efficacy of over 50% is good. Please do not delay getting your vaccine in hopes of getting the one you perceive is best. All of the approved vaccines will give you the protection needed to keep you out of the hospital, and that is what is most important. 

5. Is there an effect between the vaccine and donating blood?  How soon can you donate after getting the vaccine?  How soon after donating blood can you get the vaccine? 

Currently there is no guidance from the CDC nor the American Red Cross suggesting we shouldn’t donate blood before or after receiving the vaccine. 

6. After receiving my second COVID (Moderna) vaccination, what is the recommended wait time to receive a Shingrix (Shingles) vaccination?

The guidance suggests we should be waiting a minimum of 14 days after you've received the COVID-19 vaccine before receiving any other vaccines.

7. The day after getting the vaccine I had chills, a rash on my face, feet and both legs. My temperature dropped and bp increased. I am concerned about getting the second dose.

Based on this information, it sounds like you are probably safe to get the second dose. These symptoms seem consistent with the side effects we mentioned earlier in the presentation. They do not seem to be consistent with a true allergic reaction. If you still have concerns, please reach out to your physician before getting your second dose. 

8. What would be general “behavior” guidelines for those who have received their complete vaccination?

It’s important that we maintain the core behaviors that have brought us this far: social distancing, wearing masks and frequent hand washing. These will remain important even after you've received the vaccine. 

9. What is your recommendation regarding the use of Tylenol or Ibuprofen either before or after the vaccine?

The general recommendation for any vaccine is that you should not take any Ibuprofen, Motrin, Acetaminophen or Tylenol prior to receiving the vaccine. These medications can affect the immune response you get from the vaccine. A baby aspirin (81 milligrams) per day is acceptable. If you're taking anything higher than that, you should pause for the day and resume the following day. 

10. After I receive my second dose of the vaccine and wait two weeks, is it safe for me to drive in the car for 40 minutes each way to take my 16-year-old grandson to school, if we both wear masks?

Driving with your grandchild in a car post-vaccination is acceptable if you are both masked. In general, it’s important to consider whether the family members we choose to spend time with behave safely in other settings as well. Otherwise, your risk is higher.

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