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Count on Inspira for Safe, High-Quality Care

Count on Inspira for Safe, High-Quality Care

Jul 16, 2020
John DiAngelo

Message from John DiAngelo

President and CEO, Inspira Health

As COVID-19 cases rise at troubling rates in other regions around the country, we know many are worried about what might happen here in New Jersey. This uncertainty might even give you pause about seeking treatment or care in a physical health care setting. It is safe to seek medical care.

New Jerseyans have put in the hard work to flatten the curve – and keep it flat. Thanks to our community heeding advice early; taking social distancing measures seriously; and continuing to sanitize, wash our hands often, and wear masks in public; we’ve kept the virus under control in our state, and in our hospitals. At Inspira, we are currently treating less than 24 COVID-19 patients throughout the network.

If you’ve ever visited an Inspira hospital or health care facility, you’ve seen first-hand how we place the safety of our community above all else. This was true both before and during the pandemic, and will remain true well after. Whether you’ve twisted your ankle, you’re going into labor, or you’re experiencing a health emergency, you can continue to depend on us to provide safe, high-quality care, and here’s why:

We have the facilities to help contain the virus.

Our Emergency Departments, complete with negative pressures rooms, are among the safest facilities in the state. Negative pressure rooms prevent air flow between rooms to ensure that infectious diseases don’t spread between patients and throughout the hospital. They’ve been crucial in keeping the virus under control during New Jersey’s peak, and continue to keep our patient numbers low.

Our safety measures remain strong.

Today, we have in place the same safety measures across our network that got us through the peak of the virus. These include daily UV sanitation, a mask policy for everyone in our buildings, and concentrating COVID-positive and non-COVID patients in different locations with different care teams, and much more. These measures have successfully kept the virus from spreading within the walls of our hospitals.

We’re a high reliability organization (HRO).

As an HRO, we have safety procedures in place and tools that we leverage every day to actively prevent patient harm. This ensured that we were well-equipped to protect patients and employees both before and during this pandemic, and it continues to elevate our unwavering commitment to safety now and each day ahead. 

The bottom line? Your health matters. Don’t put off a knee replacement, getting a mole checked out, or scheduling an annual physical out of fear of contracting COVID-19. You can depend on your Inspira Health family to keep you – and your family – safe in our facilities, and we ask you to continue to put your health first. As always, remain vigilant in practicing social distancing, washing your hands, and wearing your mask when you leave your home.

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