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Inspira Health's COVID-19 Readiness

Inspira Health's COVID-19 Readiness

Jan 21, 2021
Amy Mansue Inspiration Page

Amy Mansue

President and CEO, Inspira Health

Our COVID-19 readiness…

Less than a month into 2021, we have seen how things can – and continue to – quickly evolve regarding COVID-19.    

As the New Jersey Department of Health’s predictive models indicated, our hospitals’ staff are caring for our highest numbers of COVID-19 patients.  Rest assured, Inspira is prepared to operate at these escalated levels, daily assuring our readiness for resources of staff, beds, and however we can build support for the front-line workers. 

Please do not delay the care that you need. We are fully prepared to care for all individuals who need care at all of our emergency department and medical centers. 

The latest COVID-19 vaccine information from Inspira…

There has been an overwhelming response to COVID-19 vaccinations across the country from eligible members of the community, and vaccine supply is incredibly limited. Unfortunately, Inspira Health – like many other hospitals in the country – currently finds itself with more appointments than vaccines. 

To honor those appointments, it is necessary for us to reschedule first dose appointments and fulfill our existing appointments for second doses. Second doses will be kept as scheduled.

Effective last Saturday, January 23, Inspira decided to reschedule all confirmed appointments for first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at our hospital distribution sites in Mullica Hill and Vineland. Those appointments will be rescheduled once we receive additional supply of the vaccine. In the meantime, we have recommended registering through the NJVSS should they have appointment availability prior to Inspira.

For those who already received their first dose from Inspira prior to Saturday, January 23, second doses will still be administered by Inspira. 

We truly regret the distress and frustration that this news brings to our community. Be assured that Inspira will notify everyone as soon as we can guarantee that we have enough supply to provide both first and second doses at our vaccine distribution centers.

As a health care leader, it was so reassuring to see how many people in our community are anxious to receive the vaccine.  Please be patient and trust that Inspira, and all of the vaccine providers, will offer more vaccine opportunities as quickly as we can.

Until we may have the chance to meet, stay safe, and be well. 

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