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Fostering health equity and inclusivity within our walls and our communities

Fostering health equity and inclusivity within our walls and our communities

Jun 9, 2020

A message from John DiAngelo, President & CEO of Inspira Health:

Over the past two weeks, our country and our community have grieved and let their voices be heard on the need for justice and an end to racial inequity. I’ve been reflecting on recent events including the peaceful protests in our very own communities over the last week. The tragic death of George Floyd is the most recent reminder to us all of the progress that still needs to be made for racial equality – as well as the need for unity to work towards peaceful change.

Reaffirming our commitment to South Jersey

Our mission has always been to take care of our community in our community. Our work continues with our Food Farmacies, food pantries, our mentorship program of STEM students, and our M25 housing initiative, which includes the founding of the Cumberland County Housing First Collaborative. These are just some examples of our commitment to fostering meaningful change in our community. Internally, our efforts to cultivate a diverse and welcoming culture are reflective of the communities we serve. Our commitment to providing a safe, healthy, equitable and inclusive environment across our network is unwavering. We will continue to foster health equity and inclusivity within our walls and our communities.

Using our Inspira value system to do better and to be better

Our values are rooted in partnership, to build relationships with the community; in integrity, to be honest, fair and ethical; in stewardship, to doing the right thing for our neighbors; and in compassion, displaying care and respect for all. Our leadership, our board of trustees and the 6000 members of the Inspira family remain committed to upholding the values that enable us to achieve our mission.

On behalf of the entire Inspira Health family, we stand united for fairness, dignity and respect.

John DiAngelo

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