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2021 December Provider Inspiration

2021 December Provider Inspiration

Dec 13, 2021

Celebrating Our Accomplishments 

Amy Mansue

Hello, and welcome to the December edition of Provider Inspiration

I want to wish you and your families a healthy and happy holiday season. Unfortunately, among the celebrations, COVID-19 numbers are starting to rise once again and recently, the World Health Organization announced a new variant of concern—the omicron variant. We’re still learning about this variant, but we do know it spreads very quickly, which highlights the importance of keeping yourselves and families safe this holiday season. 

As a reminder, COVID-19 boosters are now available for all adults over age 18 at our vaccine tents in Mullica Hill and Vineland. In addition, flu shots are available for Inspira employees on campus or at the COVID-19 vaccine sites.

As the year comes to a close, I want to remind our team of Inspira’s strategic plan domains that we’ve been outlining over the past few months. In particular, I want to make sure we’re continuing to push forward on talent acquisition, development, retention and cultural engagement. It’s essential that we continue to grow—which includes encouraging colleagues to pursue further education and reminding them of the tuition reimbursement program. Furthermore, we need to keep in mind that the center of this initiative is based upon respect and open dialogue. At Inspira, we’re creating a safe environment for our staff and our patients to allow differences in opinions and build trust, even in casual conversations. 

Each of us has the chance to make a huge impact as we move forward. To contribute to the impact that we make on our community, I’m asking for your input on this year’s Community Health Needs Assessment. We want to hear what you’re focused on, what your challenges are and how we should be addressing the needs of the community. 

The past two years have been tremendously challenging for all of us. But Inspira continues to be bright and strong, not just because of the number of people we serve, but because of each of you. And this month, we’re celebrating the work we’ve done this past year by revisiting some of the top Provider Inspiration articles of 2021. From new technologies to new team members, we’re highlighting the accomplishments made possible by our team. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Inspira family.

Stay safe and be well,

Amy Mansue 

President and CEO